Mentoring Pair

Each mentoring pair includes a student, a mentor and a staff volunteer: Meet monthly for the entire duration of the program, i.e., one to two years.

Staff Volunteers

Ensure the success of each pair by providing case management support.


  • Professionals with at least three years of experiences in their fields.
  • Provide students with emotional support as well as industry insights, connections and guidance to help them stay on track pursuant to CYOT’s self-developed guidelines.

Special Mentors

  • Professionals who are well-known in their fields.
  • Volunteer one time or periodically.
  • Provide insights into their industries by serving on panels, giving speeches, providing in person talks, or presenting on career skills.

We harness the power of long-term, personal relationships to help students succeed.

Mentors provide students with both emotional support and career guidance.

We provide best guidelines and staff support.

Our self-developed guidelines structures each session of the mentoring relationship, providing a baseline of conversations and experiences for all mentoring pairs.

Assign experienced volunteer to ensure the success of each relationship by providing case management support to mentoring pairs.