Our Target

Tsinghua University’s research has shown that a large percent of FGCS are from low-income family with limited economic, social and cultural resources.

For FGCS, it is no longer true that college is a great equalizer. It is often those from affluent backgrounds who land the best jobs.

Even if ambitious low income FGCS have done its utmost to attend the same college and are willing to work hard, finding a job with opportunities for upward mobility is difficult for them.

Our Model

One-on-one Mentor-mentee Matching

Unique Career Development Curriculum

Robust Networks Building

Challenges FGCS Face

Lack of Self-esteem, College Adjustment, and Lack of Family Support

  • Absence of similar interests, experiences, and resources, e.g., 52% do not attend extracurricular activities
  • 70% whose parents with education level of secondary school or below

Financial Challenges

  • 70% are from countryside
  • 70% have siblings
  • 77% whose parents live with low-income jobs
It takes almost 7 generations for children from low-income families in China to reach Chinese average income.- OECD (Organization for Economic Co‑operation)